What is “Daikagura”? Who is Senmaru?
Senmaru is a performer of “Edo-Daikagura”. “Edo” is an old name of Tokyo. “Daikagura”, it is very difficult to explain it. Don’t worry. Don’t think. Feel! Reportedly, the original purpose of Daikagura was to serve as a talisman for the people, chasing away evil on behalf of Jingu (the grand Shintoism shrines). Thus, Daikagura was originally a very sacred and serious performance. Today, the performance is becoming people’s entertainment. Senmaru wears a “kimono” and performs Japanese traditional tricks. Don’t blink. It’s amazing!!!

Senmaru goes anywhere in the world! If you want to see Senmaru’s performance, please send e-mail. Senmaru is waiting for your offer.